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All Forms of Love
Couple Photo/Video Session

“All forms of Love” as the name says, is for everyone. It is for any culture, gender, ethnicity, nationality, age, etc.
Seeks gender equality, mutual respect and companionship.
It's about picturing your relationship as it is, but also being creative, being funny or even silly.

Scroll down to know more and contact me!

How it Works

The sessions are flexible, adapting them to your needs.

At the beginning of the session I would like to get to know you and make you comfortable.


We can make it at your house, your van, your land or even in public spaces (for ex. beach, forest etc.). We also see places to rent if needed. 


Then I will ask you for your coolest outfits and we are ready to go.


Video Session

The video session consists in 3 parts:

1. I will make you an interview of 30 min;

2. I will film some details of your routine;

3. I will challenge you to make some videos between you.

This is an unique moment, for you and for me, and a great memory of/for you as a couple.

Here you can find the packs available for you

Pack 1
Only Photo

Pack 2
Only Video

Pack 3
Photo + Video

 1/2h Photo Session


15 Edited Digital Pictures


1/ 2h Video Session


1-3min Edited Video


2/3h Photo and Video Session

15 Edited Digital Pictures

1-3min Edited Video



 Additional Fees

(If outside Lisbon or Montemor-o-Novo)

+Renting a Place
(If you want a special place for the session)

+Renting Material
(In case you want sp
ecial set of lights etc.)

+ Analog Format
(In case you want printed photographies, an album, and/or a DVD) 

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