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A different story about
Love and Pregnancy


Photography Inês Sambas

Production Allena Svoboda

Set Luísa Serôdio

With the participation of Inês & Bruno; Lisanne & Pietro; Florence & Benoit; Agos & Violeta

How this Project was Born

I've never really liked these types of photo shoots, I must say. But this project was born out of necessity and I was actually surprised by the results.

There were more than 10 pregnant friends in the small town where I live, and we really wanted to have a beautiful souvenir to offer them at this magical moment in our lives.

The place where I live is a small country town, where many other artists have decided to move, due to the constantly growing creative bubble. This bubble naturally unites us and makes us a kind of collective with similar tastes. From then on, we did this unexpected, improvised, creative, kitsch and fun session.


I loved doing this so much, and I felt so connected to their desires, that it made me understand that there really is room for me in this area, and there are probably many other couples and pregnant people who would also like to find a safe place to do a session. 


For this, I created two different projects "All Forms of Love" for any kind of couples and "All Kinds of Pregnancies" for any kind of person.

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